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well its official all of my friends do drugs, and i hate it. i wish i could change it but, it doesnt matter what i say..who am i? no one who can tell them what to do. i dont see a point, people say its to forget or escape reality, bullshit, stop making excuses, you do it cause you want to. ok? yeah. to me, drugs are so fucking dumb and pointless now. they werent when i was doing them cause hell, i made excuses for myself, so it was ok...but no, it wasnt. stop making excuses. if you wanna tell me your depressed ok...but if your gonna say i do drugs and im unhappy then i dont wanna hear it. Debbie for example, has everything i could ask for, and cuts her self and does drugs and makes EXCUSES FOR HERSELF! and i hate it, and i dont wanna hear shes madd or pissed or upset, she has a bf and a giant house and great looks and her family loves her, and they are great people. she has no excuse, but she makes them up. do some people just want to have a fucked up life? or need some kinda constant drama?? i think so. im going to cut down on hanging out with so many people who get high. cause i dont need that. im going to have a beautiful baby in my life to raise, and i dont want drugs to be a part of its or my life. and i dont wanna be around drugs actually. i think they are fucking dumb, and i dont care what anyone thinks about this post. its my opinion, and what im doing, i dont give a fuck. i just want the best for my baby, and thats all ill accept.
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