ReJeCtEd (broken_dollbaby) wrote,

i went for a walk today and ran into jenn, we talked for awhile about my cutting and me being pregnant, then i went to Neshamney Mall and got new clothes, they are SOOOO comfortable. i have a family party on saturday, and plans on sunday. sometime this week im gonna hang out with Mike K.(from horsham)..i kinda feel dumb, adam talks with high vocabulary, and i dont understand it, lol...well i might to go a fair with mike k. but i duno if i wanna be near alot of people, i got alot fatter. i got therpy and an ear doctors appointment tomro, and i have to sign up for summer school. i actully have to go to summer school, mr,shramm says i HAVE TO GO cause he wants me to go. so they will regret it, ill be in the worse moods. and ill constantly complain. on thursday i got childbirth class, eck, with 2 people i dislike.
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