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i met this really awsome guy named adamn who i love love love to talk to online, and hes very interesting and very hot hehe. i just gave him a code so he should have his livejournal up and running soon. hes an intereting person so i cant wait to read it
, andyway i have child birth class tonight and im very hungry right now. and bored. rob got me really upset with a few dumb comments he made but i just took all his screen names off my BL and i dont plan on talking to him again. mike seems to hate me alot lately. oh well maybe i just need different friends. iv been in bad moods lately, but they seem to be going away. iv been hangint out with ashley alot lastely and i feel bad cuz i couldnt sleep over her house the ther day. im trying to figur out how to make my journal look better and all that, i dont have much to do latly so im goona go bye
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