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[25 Jul 2002|12:40pm]


What's *Your* Sex Sign?
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..as we go on... [15 Jul 2002|05:36pm]
[ mood | weird ]

this will be my last journal entry in this journal. From now on ill be making entires in my new journal Manic_Ghost. Alot of shit happened while i had this journal, both good and bad. most bad, but i guess thats life. I guess theres nothing really left to say, bye,

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[14 Jul 2002|09:21pm]
My bumper sticker reads:

Take the quiz.
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[14 Jul 2002|09:11pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

i hate summer school, i dont wanna go anymore, i miss rob already. we had a fun weekend, i hope next weekend is as or more fun.

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[13 Jul 2002|10:23pm]
[ mood | loved ]

i had a great night, rob and i hung out. watched a couple movies and stuff, it was fun. i like hanging out with him. i hope im in a good mood like this for awhile.

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[07 Jul 2002|12:53pm]

What stupid word are you?
Stupid quiz created by disharmony
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[04 Jul 2002|12:40pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Jim Morrison Biography

As the lead singer and lyricist for the Doors, Jim Morrison is one of the most legendary and influential figures in rock & roll history. The disturbing, image-rich poeticism of Morrison's lyrics, perfectly supported by the Doors' swirling, eclectic psychedelic rock, have assured him continuing icon status, while his fondness for theatrical shock tactics and nihilistic angst have influenced countless imitators. Unlike other psychedelic artists, who tended to favor whimsy or mysticism, Morrison saw expansion of consciousness as a way of gaining access to the subconscious mind's dark, unacknowledged desires; his rampaging id dominated his songs with a lust for violence, sex, alcohol, drugs, self-destruction, anything forbidden for any reason by the authority of conservative middle America, and he tried to live out that lifestyle as best he could. Some of Morrison's work has been criticized -- both during his lifetime and afterwards -- as too melodramatic and calculatedly outrageous, but even at his most frustrating, Morrison's ideas have achieved a lasting resonance with newer generations as well as his initial fans, and his best material remains some of the most original and visionary rock music ever recorded. James Douglas Morrison was born on December 8, 1943, in Melbourne, Florida. His father was a rear admiral in the U.S. Navy, and the family thus moved around a great deal. A strict authoritarian, Morrison's father was probably a major source of the outlandish rebellion that his son later acted out on stage; when Morrison began his climb to stardom, he would falsely claim that both of his parents were dead. After attending St. Petersburg Junior College and Florida State University for a year apiece, Morrison moved to the West Coast to study film and theater at UCLA in 1964. He became infatuated with the poetry of William Blake and the writings of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, and he gradually drifted away from school to work on his poetry and experiment with drugs, particularly LSD. In 1965, Morrison so greatly impressed film-school classmate Ray Manzarek (a classically trained keyboardist and member of a local blues band) with his early attempts at lyric writing that the two decided to form a band. Robbie Krieger and John Densmore were soon recruited from the Psychedelic Rangers, and the Doors were born; the name was Morrison's idea, taken from The Doors of Perception, Aldous Huxley's book on mescaline, and its introductory William Blake quote. Morrison was a tentative frontman at first, avoiding eye contact with the audience and sometimes even singing with his back to them, but he soon came out of his shell, flinging his mike stand around and using it as a phallic symbol. As the Doors rose to stardom with their 1967 debut and struggled to maintain that status, Morrison's ever-increasing withdrawal and simultaneous indulgence in hedonistic excess threatened the band's stability. He destroyed some of the band's studio equipment in a drunken outburst of temper, and he designed his ever more erratic concert behavior -- miming sex, barrages of profanity, and similar antics -- to provoke intense, frenzied audience reactions. This did not go unnoticed by law enforcement officials in the locales where Morrison performed; he was maced by police in New Haven, Connecticut who caught him backstage with a female fan, and after taking the stage and baiting the officers, he was arrested on obscenity charges, of which he was later acquitted. Venues in Phoenix and Long Island subsequently banned the Doors after Morrison allegedly incited audience riots; the whole mess finally boiled over in March 1969, when Morrison exposed himself to an audience in Miami and was arrested for displaying "lewd and lascivious behavior." After a two-month trial, he was found guilty, depleting the band financially and mentally and nearly causing their breakup. The Doors retreated to the studio, where they sounded musically rejuvenated on the hard-rocking Morrison Hotel (1970) and L.A. Woman (1971). Supporting tours were marked by continued police harassment, and afterwards, a depressed Morrison left the country with his wife Pamela, eventually settling in Paris to unwind and write poetry (he had had his first collection of poems, The Lord and the Creatures, published in 1970). But without the support of his bandmates, Morrison spiraled irrevocably out of control, and he was found dead in his bathtub on July 3, 1971, the victim of an apparent heart attack. He was only 27 years old. Morrison was buried in the Poets' Corner of Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, an area shared by Balzac, Moliere, and Oscar Wilde. Live recordings, greatest-hits collections, and recordings and books of Morrison's poetry have appeared frequently in the years since, and his legend has only grown with the passing of time. ~ (Steve Huey, All Music Guide)

James Douglas Morisson-Decemberl 8, 1943~July 3, 1971
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time for a rhyme inspired by doctor suess... [30 Jun 2002|07:19pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

1 cut 2 cut 3 cut 4, 5 cut 6 cut 7 cuts and more....

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[30 Jun 2002|12:05am]
[ mood | stubborn ]

well its official all of my friends do drugs, and i hate it. i wish i could change it but, it doesnt matter what i say..who am i? no one who can tell them what to do. i dont see a point, people say its to forget or escape reality, bullshit, stop making excuses, you do it cause you want to. ok? yeah. to me, drugs are so fucking dumb and pointless now. they werent when i was doing them cause hell, i made excuses for myself, so it was ok...but no, it wasnt. stop making excuses. if you wanna tell me your depressed ok...but if your gonna say i do drugs and im unhappy then i dont wanna hear it. Debbie for example, has everything i could ask for, and cuts her self and does drugs and makes EXCUSES FOR HERSELF! and i hate it, and i dont wanna hear shes madd or pissed or upset, she has a bf and a giant house and great looks and her family loves her, and they are great people. she has no excuse, but she makes them up. do some people just want to have a fucked up life? or need some kinda constant drama?? i think so. im going to cut down on hanging out with so many people who get high. cause i dont need that. im going to have a beautiful baby in my life to raise, and i dont want drugs to be a part of its or my life. and i dont wanna be around drugs actually. i think they are fucking dumb, and i dont care what anyone thinks about this post. its my opinion, and what im doing, i dont give a fuck. i just want the best for my baby, and thats all ill accept.

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[27 Jun 2002|02:01pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

summer school today,hell all week, and the day of judgement on saturday, dropped the plans for sunday....i have no life

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[26 Jun 2002|11:47am]
[ mood | crushed ]

well, there goes my last person to confide in...mandy said she talked to chris, who said he wants in the babies life, amd that hes going to talk to me,and all this stuff. i dont want him there,why cant he just move on with his new found love patty, let me have the baby for myself. WHY DIDNT HE SIGN THOSE PAPERS??? does he even care, iv been making this healthy baby without him, he didnt even call to see how it was, exactly how long is it gonna take for him to pick up the phone and dial my # and ask id the babys a boy or girl or even if its ok??...never, hell nvr do it, and when he does i wont be on the oyther end, i said it once and ill say it again, there no way we can be friends, or even talk, iv tried onmce and ghe hung up so ill just nvr pick up....or if this isnt all true, mandy lied. i just stoped crying from another friend i lost. i guess when ur around me u just, dont stay long...i wish i didnt have to stay with me....

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[24 Jun 2002|10:56pm]
i went for a walk today and ran into jenn, we talked for awhile about my cutting and me being pregnant, then i went to Neshamney Mall and got new clothes, they are SOOOO comfortable. i have a family party on saturday, and plans on sunday. sometime this week im gonna hang out with Mike K.(from horsham)..i kinda feel dumb, adam talks with high vocabulary, and i dont understand it, lol...well i might to go a fair with mike k. but i duno if i wanna be near alot of people, i got alot fatter. i got therpy and an ear doctors appointment tomro, and i have to sign up for summer school. i actully have to go to summer school, mr,shramm says i HAVE TO GO cause he wants me to go. so they will regret it, ill be in the worse moods. and ill constantly complain. on thursday i got childbirth class, eck, with 2 people i dislike.
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[23 Jun 2002|03:08pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

im so lonely and sad i cant breathe. today is not a god day to be alive. ::sigh:: no ones online*adam*, he mustn't have slept much last night. "SOMETIMES I FEEL SO WORTHLESS, SOMETIMES I FEEL DISCARDED, I WISH THAT I WAS GOOD ENOUGH, THEN I'D KNOW I AM NOT ALONE"....alone.

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[22 Jun 2002|02:30pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

last night was a weird night, i couldnt sleep all night, and i wasnt allowed outta my dad sight so i couldnt get online...even though i cut myself any way, i know have a cut going around my wrist as if it was a bracelet, and a cut on my leg and arm, not too deep tho, im sorry i did it too. i was just so very upset. i tried talking to adam this morning but he's got an away thing on. which sucks cuz i wanted to talk to him. oh well, whenever he comes back i guess. my friend mike from horsham might come over this weekend. but i doubt it. okay well see ya

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[21 Jun 2002|02:29pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

why is it such a bad thing to fall in love with someone of the same sex? people say its not "normal" what the fuck is normal?? some people need to get lives...im watching a movie and it just, well lol ya kno. well i dont have much to right so bye.

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[20 Jun 2002|04:21pm]
[ mood | okay ]

i met this really awsome guy named adamn who i love love love to talk to online, and hes very interesting and very hot hehe. i just gave him a code so he should have his livejournal up and running soon. hes an intereting person so i cant wait to read it
, andyway i have child birth class tonight and im very hungry right now. and bored. rob got me really upset with a few dumb comments he made but i just took all his screen names off my BL and i dont plan on talking to him again. mike seems to hate me alot lately. oh well maybe i just need different friends. iv been in bad moods lately, but they seem to be going away. iv been hangint out with ashley alot lastely and i feel bad cuz i couldnt sleep over her house the ther day. im trying to figur out how to make my journal look better and all that, i dont have much to do latly so im goona go bye

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[18 Jun 2002|03:23pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

why does everyone care so much about how they look, i mean i could give a shit. i wera ripped up stockings, i dont tie my shoes..well my sneakers are velcro so shh, i dont walways do my hair, my make up doesnt need to be perfect, i dont really change, im always the same, i may not like myself, but i shure the hells dont wanna look like no britney spears or christina. i do what i want, i dress how i want, ill do what i want to my hair, if you dont like it, i didnt say you had to.....sorry it was just bugging me, AND PEOPLE..STOP DRESSING UP TO GO TO THE GODDAMN MALL!!!! my hair is braided and in crimps and strait and curls today, looks like a tornado hit it, lol i think its funny. and i got like 3 diff shades of ete shadow on and 2 diff eyeliners, i like the end result though...and im not even going out tonight, so it's not like i "dressed" up to go out, i just like to have make up on.

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[16 Jun 2002|12:19pm]
ashley was over it was pretty kool. tiffany even came over for a little bit, and we watched movies. that suprised me. yeasterday started out as me and ashley hanging out at the mall then we went and got mandy(ovbviously we were very bored) then on our way to joeys we ran into tiffany and jen? i think thats her name. i think i saw rob at the mall but i didnt say anything to him. all day i had the earge to kick mandy in her face, she annoys me greatly. but all in all yeasterday was pretty good. , i think i was the only "normal" one lol. but still fun. so me and ashley got bored sitting on the curb while tiff and jen ate frozen yogurt, and went to PAL, where we saw brian terrell and jason, (jason and terrell acting like 6 yr olds of course) briand gave me 50 cents which started another journey, calling my mother and going home cuz we werent allowed back into PAL(not a big deal)but my parnts wouldnt answer so we started the long journey home, by foot, and tiff saw some fog so we stopped and walked thro that which took us to hilltop ce cream where jenns mom picked us up and took me tiff and ash to my house, where we waited for my parents on the porch. and when they got home we ate and ate and went on the comp and watched urban legends 2 and ate veggies lol. well ashley slept over tiff went home i fell asleep then so did ashley. this morning we woke up a few times and then finally i slept good and then she woke me up cuz she had t go home and here i am now, she went home and im tired. and bored, my sisters comming over today i think ill see her. i might be too tired to go outside.
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[16 Jun 2002|12:22am]
hmmmm? im a bit confused ..i thought he blocked my screen name
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[16 Jun 2002|12:22am]
hmmmm? im a bit confused
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